About Me

Aloha, I am "bunga."  As an artist I enjoy creating various things. My canvas of choice ranges from Photography, videography, animation, building electric skateboards and geeking on my Mac. I received my Bachelor of Arts from Brigham Young University Hawaii. 

I enjoy using Apple computers for my creative ideas and decided on a career at Apple. I was a Business Consultant, a Genius and then a Creative. I devoted a good twelve and half years to Apple. It was a very rewarding experience. I met many amazing people and worked on a variety of creative projects. 

It is funny how life is. Apple was literally my life. I changed my career and became an Operations Manager for two different companies here in Tokyo. It was a good experience and I was able to develop new skills. I also had some pretty good failures that were great life lessons. It is amazing what you can learn from failure. Own it - learn from it and become better. 

A good friend of mine presented an opportunity at this time to me. This would be a career change that would change my life. I became an independent Project Manager for an IT security project. This project started me on the path to becoming a freelance consultant. There are now several projects that I am a part of. I am now in an environment where I can utilize my various skills. I am also grateful to becoming financially independent. 

The work I do now is more related to what I enjoy most. That is creating. It is a blend of creating, managing, business and consulting. I also continue working one on one with individuals and helping them to bring their ideas and projects to fruition. 

If you ever need some direction, some guidance or have a creative project you'd like bring to life... I can help. It is what I enjoy doing these days. 

That’s me in a nutshell.